Our Philosophy

At Flagship Capital Management, we feel a strong sense of stewardship for our clients' financial well-being, and we recognize the importance of clients achieving their financial objectives.

By blending high-quality, primarily blue chip stocks with government and investment-grade corporate bonds of varying maturities, Flagship constructs investment portfolios tailored to satisfy the goals and risk tolerance of each client.

Our investment management process includes assessing the client's goals, aligning his or her investments with those goals and clearly communicating the results. Investment portfolios are diversified by industry and issuer, providing both diminished risk and expanded return opportunities.

We take an investing — rather than trading — approach to handling our clients' funds. This means securities generally are purchased with the intent to receive both current income and capital appreciation over an extended holding period. Flagship will convert significant portions of a client's portfolios to cash equivalent investments to protect his or her principal value in declining market environments.

As an independent investment adviser, Flagship is not tied to the investment policies or recommendations of any one organization. Flagship's investment team participates in regular financial reviews with senior management of companies held in our portfolios.

In addition to Flagship's own investment analysis, we have relationships with a number of institutional research providers. These relationships enable us to assimilate information from multiple sources when making investment decisions for client portfolios.

We encourage ongoing communication via regularly scheduled personal meetings. These meetings are an effective forum to access and nurture our clients' long-term financial well-being.

Flagship does not operate as a securities broker/dealer or custodian of assets, nor do we participate in the commissions resulting from transactions in our clients' portfolios.